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Science & Environment

We're fortunate to live where we do, not just for the natural beauty and current climate, but because many of the problems associated with rising temperatures and sea levels will have a less significant direct impact here than they will have elsewhere.  Tennessee and other inland states will see a very large influx of people leaving those affected areas (like most of Florida and much of the East Coast) within the next 50 years, and we should be preparing for it now.

This coming mass uprooting and migration could become one of the greatest security threats our nation will face.  We have seen the destabilizing impact of such events in other parts of the world many times in the past and present.  Too many of our current representatives are arguing over who turned on the stove, or even whether it has been turned on at all, rather than dealing with the pot that's about to boil over.

Among other things, we should be developing the technology and expertise needed to produce efficient and renewable resources of all kinds, including energy, water, food, transportation, and housing.

If we start working toward the future now, Tennessee can be in position to lead the rest of the country and the world through the difficult times ahead.  For this to happen, the climate-denying politicians and pundits need to step out of the way.  You can help right now by removing them from Congress and the General Assembly.

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