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  1. I do not support school vouchers because I believe that they decrease the commitment required of a community to support and improve local schools.  If a school seems to be failing our kids, we should get involved and fix it, not abandon it.
  2. Charter schools are a gateway to voucher programs.  You know what I think of voucher programs.
  3. As an engineer and lifelong advocate for science and technology, I believe that we are falling seriously behind in the generation of real interest in STEM classes among our students.  We need to work harder at encouraging students to get involved in these challenging areas.
  4. The single most important ingredient for success in science and engineering, as well as many other fields, is the kind of open-minded, abstract thinking that is fostered by an education in liberal arts.  Any skill at applying rules to solve a problem is no guarantee of success.  Such a skill must be combined with the ability to step back and look at the big picture from multiple points of view, with the knowledge that most of the time in life, there is no one right answer.
  5. Public-school funding is one of the best investments we can make in the future of our community.

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