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Most of us are disgusted by the lack of productivity of Congress and the poor selection of candidates for office at all levels.  Those who aren't disgusted probably aren't paying attention.  Every election cycle, we get excited that maybe if we can just get the right person into this office or that office, he or she can fix things.  Unfortunately, the system is inherently resistant to such a quick fix, but removing broken cogs is a start.

Rather than feeling powerless to change things in Washington, we should understand that we as voters and citizens can influence and control things at a local level.

  • We can treat our neighbors with respect, even when we disagree.
  • We can listen to the words of politicians and compare them to their deeds.
  • We can recognize buzzwords for what they are and not let ourselves be manipulated through our emotions.
  • We can resist efforts to highlight our differences and divide us.
  • We can concentrate our efforts on our common concerns.  Life is short.  If we spend all our time arguing about a few topics on which we disagree, we'll run out of time to make real advances elsewhere.

If we do these things, I believe we can start a trend that will bubble up to the State Assembly and Congress and begin to turn things around.

Here are some things that I promise NOT to do if elected:

  1. Be bullied into taking a hardline stance or voting for something that is not in the best interest of my constituents.
  2. Bully others in lieu of efforts at reasoned persuasion.
  3. Allow my own religious views to dictate policy.
  4. Be a rubber stamp for legislation from corporate-controlled special interests.
  5. Sponsor nonsense bills or bills with no chance of passage.

Committee to Elect Murphey Johnson
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