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When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, we were fortunate to have a good health plan that covered that vast majority of our expenses and provided access to outstanding care here in Johnson City.  Several surgeries, months of chemotherapy, and several years of recovery later, Julie is doing great, and our finances are intact.

That insurance wasn't simply provided for me and my family.  I work hard at my job, my employer contributes to the plan, and I contribute at a high level to ensure that needs such as ours in the last couple of years can be met.  Not everybody can do that, however, and we as a society need to look out for the least among us.  It is the right thing to do.  It's also the smart thing to do.  Keeping the people around us healthy keeps us healthy as well.  This makes us all happier and more productive.

The ACA made some important changes to the way healthcare is provided in this country, but there is obviously more work to do, particularly in the area of affordability.  Congress can start by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices to put a stop to pharmaceutical-industry piracy.  At the state level, we can stop cutting off our nose to spite our face by accepting the federal dollars that improve healthcare and provide jobs in Tennessee!  These are common-sense solutions to actual problem, unlike the hand-waving nonsense we get from our current "representatives" on healthcare reform.

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